Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheets

For advertisement field: using in printing, engraving by PC, advertising boards

For communications and transportation’s: variety of boards in vessels, air-planes and cars.

For architecture and decoration: outer and inside boards of buildings, as separating boards inside building, decoration shelves & ceilings.

For industry field: anti-corrosion in chemical industry, cold storage, and environment protection purpose.

For other fields: frame work board, for making sport equipment, as water-proof material.

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PVC sheets are tough, versatile and are used for multiple uses! They are chemically foamed; rigid, light weight extruded having a smooth matt surface finish on both sides. They are consistently coloured with a matte finish that is strong and multipurpose enough for many of today’s applications and are a perfect substrate for screen printing, painting, laminating, vinyl.


PVC board are of sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation.

  • It is safe and is a fire-retardant
  • With moisture proof, mould proof, non-hydroscopicity and shock proof.
  • It has long performance life and stable colour.
  • With light weight, it is fit for transportation and using.
  • It is processed same to wooden material as drilling, sawing, nailing, planning and bonding.
  • It can be processed in heat-forming, heat bending and heat folding.
  • It also can be welded and bonded each other
  • The surface is very smooth and suitable for printing.

Sheet Dimensions

Every PVC Sheet comes in the following Width: 1220MM, 1560MM, 2050MM. PVC Sheets are available in the following  thicknesses:

  • 1mm: 1.22×2.44mtrs
  • 2mm: 1.22×2.44mtrs, 1.56×3.05mtrs, 2.05×3.05mtrs
  • 3mm: 1.22×2.44mtrs, 1.56×3.05mtrs, 2.05×3.05mtrs
  • 5mm: 1.22×2.44mtrs, 1.56×3.05mtrs, 2.05×3.05mtrs, 2.05×4.05mtrs 
  • 8mm: 1.56×3.05mtrs
  • 10mm: 1.22×2.44mtrs, 1.56×3.05mtrs, 2.05×3.05mtrs, 2.05×4.05mtrs 
  • 19mm: 1.56×3.05mtrs

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